Glenn Coffee & Associates (GCA) represents a broad range of clients including corporations, campaigns, political committees, state agencies, individuals, tribal entities and tax-exempt organizations. GCA utilizes its in-depth understanding of governmental operations alongside our knowledge of our clients’ unique and evolving needs to advance our clients’ strategic objectives and solve problems.

Administrative Law

Glenn Coffee & Associates routinely represents clients before both federal and state agencies, including hearings, rulemaking and all aspects of the related appellate proceedings. Our skilled attorneys understand the operations and complexity of governmental agencies and have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in efficiently and effectively navigating the regulatory process. On the state level, GCA has represented clients before a variety of boards and commissions, including the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, Oklahoma Nursing Board, Oklahoma State Election Board, Oklahoma Board of Medical Supervision and Licensure, Oklahoma Insurance Department, Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, the Oklahoma Water Board, and others. On the federal level, Glenn Coffee & Associates has appeared before the Federal Election Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Communications Commission.

Appellate Litigation

At Glenn Coffee & Associates, our legal team has earned a reputation for handling complex and specialized questions of state law in front of state appellate courts, as well as complex federal cases in front of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  In addition to representing parties (including both public bodies and private entities) in the appellate process, Glenn Coffee & Associates also specializes in drafting and filing amicus briefs.

Business Formation

At Glenn Coffee & Associates, our attorneys understand the importance and nuances of entity formation in Oklahoma.  Our team is prepared to assist you in all aspects of business formation, from the choice of entity to the development of a corporate and contractual structure that will protect your business interests for years to come.

Civil Litigation

Glenn Coffee & Associates has a great deal of experience representing individuals, corporations, state entities, and public officers in civil lawsuits. We strive to provide clients with exceptional, timely legal service—whether you are seeking to file a civil action or need help defending one. Our firm specializes in cases involving tort claims, employment disputes, Constitutional claims, real estate matters, contract disputes, local election contests, and municipal initiative and referendum petitions.

Corporate Law and Business Transactions

At Glenn Coffee & Associates, our corporate and transactional law practice focuses in the areas of business entity formations and corporate record maintenance, contract drafting, business purchases, and real estate transactions. We represent a diverse range of governmental and private entities in transactions of all sizes.

Election Law

Glenn Coffee & Associates has one of the oldest and most well-known election law practices in Oklahoma. Our team has extensive experience in the laws governing election administration, election contests and recounts, recall elections, candidate eligibility, and issues related to the use of public funds in connection with campaigns and elections. Our legal team has represented candidates, challengers and interest groups at both the state and federal level, including in front of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Oklahoma State Election Board, Federal Election Commission, and at numerous district court hearings around the state. In addition to state and federal law matters, our legal team also has a great deal of experience in tribal election law.

Ethics Rules & Campaign Finance

Glenn Coffee & Associates is prepared to assist with your political law needs at every step of the process. Our team stays informed on the current rules related to the Oklahoma Ethics Rules and federal campaign finance law restrictions so that you don’t have to. We have extensive experience in advising candidates, corporations, state question campaigns, political committees, lobbyist principals and individuals on the relevant legal considerations to stay in compliance with the federal law and the Oklahoma Ethics Rules.

Government Contracting

Our governmental contracting practice provides litigation, transactional and regulatory advice to clients of all sizes, primarily when responding to procurement bids issued by Oklahoma state agencies. We understand the unique challenges facing companies doing business with the government and have the requisite legal knowledge and strategic perspective to assist our clients in this highly regulated environment.

Government Relations

Government affects every aspect of your business—from regulations to tax issues and everything in-between. Making your views known to policymakers and staying up to date on changes in laws is of the highest importance. At Glenn Coffee & Associates, we can assist you in developing an effective governmental relations strategy while ensuring that you and your business stay on the right side of the Oklahoma Ethics Rules and lobbyist regulations. Whether your issue is at the local or state government level (or with one of the hundreds of state agencies, boards or commissions), Glenn Coffee & Associates can assist in developing a positive working relationship between the government and private sector.

Legislation Drafting and Analysis

At Glenn Coffee & Associate, our experienced attorneys help our clients achieve their desired legislative goals by translating ideas into legislation. Our team of attorneys work closely with Caroline Dennis—our legal assistant for special legislative projects. Caroline Dennis brings with her 37 years of experience in the Oklahoma State Senate where she acquired expertise in drafting legislative bills and administrative rules as well as statutory research and analysis regarding the legislative process. In particular, our legal team has extensive experience in the areas of taxes and finance, legislative process, constitutional amendments and statutory referenda, elections and ethics, and state government. Although we do not lobby, we are happy to work alongside your lobbyist to help you achieve your legislative objectives.


Lobbying plays a key role in allowing business and industry leaders to develop a working relationship with policy makers to ensure their voices are heard on important policy issues. Although we do not engage in lobbying directly, we know how important it is. Lobbying—and all of the regulatory laws that go with it—can be daunting for many businesses. Our firm helps lobbyists and lobbyist principals stay in compliance with the Oklahoma Ethics Rules and reporting requirements so that your opinions are delivered effectively and without distraction.

Open Meetings and Open Records

Glenn Coffee & Associates understands the contours of Oklahoma’s “sunshine law.” In addition to our years of experience advising governmental bodies on compliance with the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act and Open Records Act, we assist private sector clients on obtaining information they are entitled to under these laws.


Political action committees are powerful tools for political parties, issue advocates, nonprofits, businesses and industries. Glenn Coffee & Associates has years of experience in PAC formation and governance issues. We can help you make your voice heard, starting with drafting and filing PAC formation paperwork to ensure your PAC complies with all state and campaign finance and election laws.