Whether you’re launching a political campaign, creating a PAC, or just ensuring that your business advocacy stays in compliance with ethics laws, Glenn Coffee & Associates offers a broad range of services and the guidance you need.

Administrative Law

Oklahoma has hundreds of agencies, boards and commissions that write thousands of new administrative rules each year. Glenn Coffee & Associates routinely monitors agencies, boards and commissions in Oklahoma and reports on their rulemaking to clients. Glenn Coffee & Associates advises clients on what new and proposed rules can mean for their business and their political activity. Additionally, Glenn Coffee & Associates serves as outside general counsel for a number of state agencies.

Business Formation

If you are starting a new business or buying the assets of an existing business in Oklahoma, Glenn Coffee & Associates can assist you with choosing and forming the business entity that makes the most sense for your business venture. We can also assist you with maintaining and updating your corporate records: updating bylaws, preparing special and annual meeting minutes, drafting corporate resolutions, annual filing requirements and other corporate formalities.

Corporate Law and Business Transactions

At Glenn Coffee & Associates, our corporate and transactional law practice focuses in the areas of business entity formations and maintenance, business purchases (mergers and acquisitions), and real estate transactions. We represent a diverse range of governmental and private entities in transactions of all sizes.

Education Law

Apart from educating students, school districts must observe an overwhelming number of laws—federal and state. Glenn Coffee & Associates serves as general outside counsel to school districts, assisting them in understanding and complying with these laws

Election Law

Election law is complex, and failure to pay attention to details can sidetrack or even imperil your campaign. Glenn Coffee & Associates has deep experience in all aspects of election law—whether for elective office or advocating for or against a ballot initiative. We can advise your campaign from the formation of an exploratory committee through to Election Day and beyond.


Glenn Coffee & Associates constantly monitors the Oklahoma Ethics Commission’s rule making process and rule interpretations. This expertise benefits our clients, whether they are public officials, lobbyists or lobbyist principals, ensuring that they stay in full compliance with Oklahoma’s ethics laws. Glenn Coffee & Associates also publishes a bi-monthly subscriber-based newsletter to keep our clients up to date with the most recent changes in state and federal campaign finance law. Click here to subscribe.

Government Law and Policy

Government affects every aspect of your business—from regulations to tax issues and everything in-between. Making your views known to policy makers and staying up to date on changes in laws is of utmost importance. Glenn Coffee & Associates can help you develop effective government relations strategies while ensuring that you and your business stay on the right side of ethics and lobbying law. Whether your issue is with a local government, the state legislature, or one of the hundreds of state agencies, boards and commissions, Glenn Coffee & Associates can facilitate a good working relationship between government and the private sector.


At Glenn Coffee & Associates, we know it is vital for business and industry to develop a relationship with policy makes and ensure that their voice is heard in policy decisions. Lobbying—and all of the ethics and reporting laws that go with it—can be daunting for many businesses. Our firm helps lobbyists and lobbyist principals stay in compliance with ethics and reporting laws in Oklahoma so that your opinions are delivered effectively and without distraction.

Open Meetings and Open Records

Glenn Coffee & Associates has years of experience in helping government agencies comply with open meetings laws or respond to open records requests. Additionally, Glenn Coffee & Associates helps clients file open records requests so they can learn the vital information they need to do business or advocate effectively.


Political Action Committees are powerful tools for political parties, issue advocates, nonprofits, businesses and industries. Glenn Coffee & Associates has years of experience in PAC formation and governance issues. We can help you make your voice heard, starting with drafting and filing PAC formation paperwork to ensuring that your PAC complies with all state and federal ethics and election laws.

Public Finance

Bonds, tax exemptions and other forms of government financing offer incredible opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. Glenn Coffee & Associates can help you navigate the legal issues surrounding these opportunities.

Reporting Compliance

Transparency and ethics laws dictate a number of reporting requirements for political activity, including activity by lobbyist principals and businesses. Glenn Coffee & Associates can ensure that all your business or organization is in full compliance with the reporting requirements of local, state and federal governments.